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About Taco Mini Bikes – Bringing Back The Spirit

The Spirit of the 1960’s – Taco Mini Bikes.

Like a lot of you I grew up in the 60’s here in Southern California where I had a wonderful childhood. I was like every other boy of that time, I couldn’t wait to get out of school and go down to the local field and ride with my cousin Ken Wilson and friends Chris Hernandez, Steve Cipres and all the local guys. I had supportive parents and loved the fact that I enjoyed mini bikes and motorcycles. It was typical that on any day the usual guys would be down riding until dark or dinner which ever came first. They are great memories, which will still talk about to this day. 

When the opportunity presented itself that TACO MINI BIKES could be bought, I did everything I could to see that I could get my hands on this ICON of the mini bike world. The company was in Texas at the time and wasn’t doing much. Everyone knew that it had to come back to Southern California, its birthplace, if it were going to have a chance for revival. Things fell into place and the mini bike gods smiled down on me and well, here we are, Taco is back in Southern California and we are having a blast! 

It is extremely important to me that everything we do here at Taco Motor Sports is done in the spirit of the time period in which these were built the 60’s and early 70’s. As Dave Miller of DMC Concepts has told me, the paint isn’t from the same can that painted the bikes in the 60’s, the welds are not as nasty and jagged but the tubes are smashed the same, clutch covers are the same, 1” heat pleated seats with a 1/16” gap is the same everything is done in the spirit of that time period. We hope that you will appreciate and enjoy the work we have done here at Taco Motor Sports to get you your TACO Mini Bike. 

Joe Rivello